Father fears his family will be homeless

Michael Caffrey and his family in SEafield Lawns who face the prospect of been homeless after Christmas
A Dundalk couple who have six children fear they may become homeless in 2015 as rental prices increase.

A Dundalk couple who have six children fear they may become homeless in 2015 as rental prices increase.

Michael Caffrey and his wife Samantha have submitted emergency accommodation application to the Louth County Council in fear that they may become homeless in the New Year.

The couple have six children - Ellie May (4 months), Calum (4), Kieran (6), Ryan (7), Conor (9) and Dillion (11).

Michael told The Democrat that his landlord has indicated his wish to sell the house the family currently occupy.

With rent prices increasing, Michael fears that he will be unable to afford to rent another house.

The death of homeless man Jonathan Corrie in Dublin and the subsequent debate around homelessness in this country prompted Michael to contact the paper.

“You think it will never happen to you,” said Michael, “But then you realise it is so easy to become homeless.

“It really hit home last week how easy it is to become homeless in this country.

“I completed forms for emergency help just in case I needed it in the New Year.

“We have six children and I fear we will not be able to afford rent if our landlord sells the house.

“There is no security, there is no safety net.”

Michael explains that his rent allowance will be the same rate if he is forced to rent another house.

“If I have to look for a new house, the rent will be more expensive but I will not get an increase in rent allowance.

“Not knowing if we will have a roof over our heads next year is a horrible feeling.

“It would not be an ideal situation to be living in a shelter with six children.”

The family were allocated a council house in one part of Dundalk , but decided to move two years ago due to anti-social behaviour.

“We were forced to move,” said Michael.

“It was not a great place for a family to live.

“Anti-social behaviour was the main reason for leaving and we also had issues with people in the area.”

Michael also believes the government is not focusing enough on the issue of housing.

“People have taken their eye off the housing market since the protests about water charges.

“The government really need to tackle this issue and they should start by increasing the rent allowance.”

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