Drop in number on Live Register welcomed by Fitzpatrick and O’Dowd

The latest Live Register figures show that in Louth there was a drop of 2,701 in the number of unemployed in the county since December 2012.

The latest Live Register figures show that in Louth there was a drop of 2,701 in the number of unemployed in the county since December 2012.

Deputy Peter Fitzpatrick and Fergus O’Dowd have welcomed the decrease.

Deputy O’Dowd said it was evidence that the Government’s jobs creation policies are working and that the economy is improving.

“In 2012, the unemployment rate was at a record high of 15.1%. The unemployment rate now stands at 10.6 per cent, with employment now at its highest level since 2009.”

“In County Louth the CSO figures indicate a drop of 2,701 in the unemployment figures in the County since December 2012. We still have a long way to go but this reduction in unemployment is very welcome”.

Meanwhile Deputy Fitzpatrick says the jobs created by Paypal in Dundalk are evidence of the increased focus of the IDA on create employment outside of Dublin and Cork.

“Foreign investment by IDA client companies created 7,131 net high-skilled jobs in 2014 and resulted in almost 5,000 additional positions in the local economy, particularly benefiting the construction sector.

“ This is very much to be welcomed and to be encouraged in 2015” saysDeputy Fitzpatrick.

“IDA investment is important in creating opportunities for our skilled workforce. However as every ten jobs generated by Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) generate another seven in the wider economy there is also a significant impact for local areas.

“In 2014 7,131 jobs were created directly by FDI, meaning that almost 5,000 additional positions were made available in other areas as a result.

“In Louth, Beckton Dickinson in Drogheda and PayPal in Dundalk have created significant job opportunities and these investments have been very positive for the local area and have sparked further jobs growth in other parts of the local economy.

““It is estimated that nationally approximately 10,000 people are currently employed on construction projects underway with IDA client companies. Local shops and other businesses also employ additional staff as a result of this investment.”

“While FDI in any part of Ireland will always be good news for the country as a whole, it is a fact that the majority of this investment has historically been concentrated in and around Dublin and Cork. The IDA has targeted investment outside of these areas and has been successful in 2014 in securing 37% of investments outside Dublin and Cork; this is up from 30% recorded in the previous year.

“The latest Live Register figures show that the unemployment rate has dropped to 10.7% from a high of 15.1% in 2012. Thanks to the sacrifices people have made it is now possible for the Government to cut taxes. Every household with somebody in full-time work will have more money in their pockets this month and we’re committed to reducing personal taxation further this year, with the USC set to be a particular focus.

“FDI has been key in creating high-quality jobs for our graduates and skilled workers, it also has a hugely positive knock-on effect on local economies. I commend the Minister for Jobs, Richard Bruton for his dedication to this area and I look forward to further growth in the jobs market in 2015.”