The “butchering” of Stapleton Place

A FINE great Victorian street has been “butchered”.

A FINE great Victorian street has been “butchered”.

That is how one Dundalk Town Councillor described the works carried out at Stapleton Place by Dundalk Town Council.

Others said it’s “a great cock-up”, “an awful shame”. “It should never have happened without proper consultation with the residents”.“It is appalling how it came about.”

The councillors were debating a motion put forward by councillor Maria Doyle on the changes to Stapleton Place.

“Let’s call a spade a spade,” she said. “It is a bad job”. “A disaster.” “Why not undo it?”

She said she had spoken to the residents, the gardai, the Grammar School, and they are all complaining about it.

The main problem she said, was that there was no consultation.

“The kerbs are causing problems for the elderly, children. There is no room to get in or out of your car and cyclists fro the Ardee Road cannot access Stapleton Place.”

“I would like to see the work undone”.

Cllr Jim Ryan said he was in a state of shock when he saw what was done to this “fine old avenue”, as he described it.

“The aesthetics of this street have been destroyed,” he said.

There were only three things that could be done: Eliminate the cycle lanes completely; Leave them as they are and have parking on one side only; Have one cycle lane instead of two.

After questions were put to Town Engineer Catherine Duff by Cllr Martin Bellew, it was revealed that a consultation process was not necessary because the work on Stapleton Place was part of the cycle network plan laid out in the Dundalk Development Plan.

Earlier at the meeting Ms Duff had outlined how the cycle plan for the town was progressing.

All the cycle lanes will eventually be linked up, and it will make sense.

The council had got the money from the Department of Transport for the work on Stapleton Place and had to use it straight away.

Cllr Bellew said that in future, when major works of this kind are being carried, the councillors should be informed about it before hand, regardless of whether this is necessary protocol or not.