Family campaign to save much loved dog from trips to the pound

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A Darver man has launched a campaign to stop the local dog warden from picking up his parents’ dog.

A Darver man has launched a campaign to stop the local dog warden from picking up his parents’ dog.

Frank Carolan, an IT engineer, took to Facebook to highlight the plight of his parents labrador Russell.

Frank wrote on Facebook: “He (Russell) is a 16 year old Labrador who likes to walk up and down the local lane at my parents house out in Darver, Co Louth for his daily walk, he is well known by all the local neighbours.

“He is a gentle dog, loves playing and loves the attention of people. He always has time for a pet from anyone he meets.”

However thing turned sour for Russell when he started being picked up by the local dog warden.

“On Friday just gone, the Louth County Dog Warden picked up Russell on the local lane, even though a neighbour asked the Dog Pound not to take Russell, they took him regardless. At the time, Russell had his collar on.”

Frank goes on to state: “But they decided to take Russell to the Dog Pound.......”

“The last time the Dog Pound picked up Russell on this lane was last November, my parents had to pay €80+ to release him.”

Frank says that this is the second time in a year that Russell has been picked up and that on each occasion they are asking for a fee for his return.”

The are frustrated that a dog that is so well known locally has been picked up twice.

“Russell is 16 years old, an old, loved family pet, he is no harm to anyone and has never and would never hurt anyone.”

Frank goes on say that he contacted the pound, only to be told that he must stump up the €80 for the return of Russell. He said that Russell was taken out of the pound at a reduced price of €40.

Russell’s story received a strong reponse onFacebook, with over 1,000 people sharing his tale.

The Dundalk Democrat contacted Louth County Council for a response on the matter, and they stated that: “All resolved, and dog has been reclaimed by (its) owners.

“This dog was wandering in public and the warden did not know identity of owner; however even if the warden did they are still entitled to seize a dog wandering about on its own, especially on public road as this can often be a cause of accidents.

“Likewise dogs wandering about without owners are a major cause of dog fouling, as there is no owner to pick up after it goes, so this is another major issue, we get inundated with complaints about dog fouling.

“Another common complaint, especially in rural areas, is people out for walks (or cyclists) are greatly inconvenienced by loose dogs, they do not even have to be vicious as some people will have a fear of dogs and will not even know the difference, so regularly gets calls form people saying they cannot now do their usual walk as there is a loose dog always about.

“Wandering dogs are also the major cause of sheep kills, another huge problem we encounter especially at this time of year when lambs about, so the happy go lucky friendly dog wandering about can suddenly turn into a killer when it sees sheep in a field, causing multiple losses for a farmer.”

Stray dogs are dogs that are in a public place and are not accompanied by the owner or a responsible person. Dogs that are not under proper control are also considered stray dogs.

You can receive an on-the-spot fine if your dog is not under proper control. Stray dogs may be seized by the dog warden and the Gardaí and brought to a dog pound.