Museum and
libary make eco friendly move

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The County Museum and County Library this week unvealed new projects that will vastly improve their energy efficiency.

The County Museum and County Library this week unvealed new projects that will vastly improve their energy efficiency.

Work begins this week on the museum which will be getting a solar panels, while the libary will be have a new energy effcient boiler installed.

Both are expected to be completed within the week, so onlookers should not be alarmed should they see activity on top of the museum.

The new devices are part of a cross-border initiative, the Energy Efficiency and Micro-Generation Project.

Chairman of Dundalk Town Council Eamon O’Boyle told the Democrat that: “Embracing energy efficient technology in this manner is to be welcomed.Private business and the public can take example from this.”

Ten local authorities, seven in Northern Ireland and three in Republic of Ireland, selected five of their most energy hungry buildings, fifty buildings in total, to undergo detailed energy audits.

As a result of the energy audits, 9 buildings were selected to undergo upgrades to building fabric and building services to reduce the energy consumption.

In the County library, one of the 9 buildings selected for energy upgrades works, the installation of a new energy efficient condensing gas boiler and the upgrade of lighting coupled with motion detection controls throughout the public areas will dramatically reduce energy consumption and carbon output from the site.

The improvement of the building fabric through pumped cavity insulation will also dramatically improve heat retention within the building.

Another feature of the building upgrades will be a visitor experience display screen in the building foyer which, through collaboration with project partners Dundalk Institute of Technology, will provide monitoring of the building’s energy meters allowing visitors to see a ‘live’ display of the building’s energy performance, comparing live data with historical energy consumption and carbon emissions data.

Meanwhile most of the County Museum’s 400 bulbs wil be replaced, while the new cells on the roof will supply enough energy for 40 per cent of the building’s needs.

It is expected that the project works will showcase best practice and the renewable technologies most suited to the local climate to local SME’s and homeowners alike.

Louth County Council Representative of East Border Region Cllrs Breathnach and Savage welcomed this innovative project. Additional information can be found at, or follow project progress, with regular updates on twitter. @sustainandbuild.

The building upgrades across all 9 sites have commenced with works to be complete by the end of March 2014.