Damien takes over as
chairman at Dundalk FM

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Damien Keenan has been elected chairman of Dundalk FM radio.

Damien Keenan has been elected chairman of Dundalk FM radio.

He has already served as chairman for a three-year period.

Dundalk FM was set up 10 years ago and is one of the most popular community radio services in the country.

“I’m looking forward to starting 24-hour broadcasting this year,” said Damien.

“I will try and encourage new members to join the station and present programmes and maybe people who have left will consider coming back.

“We always put the audience first. that is our priority.”

Damien has many years experience in the broadcasting business.

Along with Boyneside Radio he made a submission to the Broadcasting Commission when the franchise for local radio was being distributed.

he was so young at the time, his dad, the renowned hotelier, had to submit it for him.

He comes from a great business background.

From 1967 until a few years ago, the Keenan family owned and managed Bellingham Castle, one of the most successful hotels in the county.

The hotel closed a few years ago, but will re-open in January under new ownership. It has been taken over by the owners of Cabra Castle.

“I was going to set up my own station,” said Damien. “I bought Telstar Radio and relocated it to the Queens Hotel.”

When he was invited onto the board of Dundalk FM things really took off.

“Radio is my passion. I’m looking forward to new developments at Dundalk FM.