Ladies GAA Board say €11,080 bill is ‘excessive and inappropriate’

Ladies GAA Board say €11,080 bill is ‘excessive and inappropriate’
The Louth County GAA Board has billed the Ladies GAA Board €11,080 for the use of Darver GAA training grounds.

The Louth County GAA Board has billed the Ladies GAA Board €11,080 for the use of Darver GAA training grounds.

The Ladies GAA Board has described the charge as “excessive and inappropriate”.

A meeting was held between the executives of the two boards in August 2012 regarding the cost for the upkeep of Darver GAA Centre of Excellence.

At this meeting, the Ladies Board acknowledged that some form of payment towards ground costs was necessary.

However, the Ladies Board claims no agreement was reached at this meeting regarding the proposed cost.

It is believed that letters were sent from the Ladies Board to the Louth County Board requesting the costing details.

In February 2013, the Ladies Board received an invoice from the Louth County Board for the cost incurred by the ladies county teams using the Darver facilities.

The cost for the use of a pitch with lights for one hour was €150, while the use of a grass pitch was calculated at €100.

A letter sent from the Louth Ladies County Board to the ladies clubs in the county stated:

“The Board feels that the charges invoiced are excessive and inappropriate.

“Research has been carried out with other centres of excellence around the country and no ladies county team are paying these kind of costs.”

The letter also revealed how the Ladies Board contacted Louth County Board offering to pay €100 for a pitch with lights.

However, the Ladies Board felt it was inappropriate to pay for grass pitches.

According to the letter, the Ladies Board calculated that an appropriate amount would be €3,200 as the Ladies used a pitch with lights 32 times in 2013.

The Ladies Board are willing to pay the fee of €100 per pitch with lights for this year.

However, the Ladies Board object to being categorised as a club team.

The letter states: “We do not agree with the Men’s County Board categorising the Louth Ladies teams as club teams. No club in the county would ever need to use Darver as many times as the Louth Ladies teams.”

The Ladies Board requested the letter to be read at club meetings “so that all clubs can have a clear view on the matter”.

“We would also ask all clubs to support the lady footballers of this county. These girls are all part of a club, and they deserve the support of their club.”

The Dundalk Democrat contacted representatives from both county boards. Neither were willing to make a comment.

But there has been a strong reaction from some clubs.

Tommy Burns, secretary of Glyde Rangers GFC said: “At our club meeting it was unanimous that we support the Ladies Board on this matter. The ladies are willing to pay a fee for the use of Darver. The fee from the Men’s Board is outrageous.”

Marie Prendergast of Stabannon Parnells said: “We support the Louth Ladies Board in their attempts to resolve this issue. Darver was built to support Louth teams under the umbrella of the GAA.”

Aidan Connor, chairman of the Dreadnots, hoped that a resolution can be found as soon as possible.

Every club in the county pays €200 a month for the upkeep of the facilities at Darver. If a club wants to use the facilities at Darver, they must pay the fee of €100 or €150 with lights.