Local writer pens ‘Innocent Tales’

Local writer pens ‘Innocent Tales’
In February of this year

In February of this year

Dundalk native Gavin McCumiskey decided to create his first comic book .

Last week his masterpiece titled, ‘Innocent Tales’, hit book shelves around Dundalk.

Gavin moved to Tullamore nine years ago but last week he returned to his hometown to participate in workshops with the Transition Year students in the Marist.

“The workshops went great and I got great feedback off the students,” said Gavin in an interview with the Democrat this week..

“I went through the whole process of creating a comic with them from writing the story to the business end of things such as how much it costs, how I created my brand and logo and so forth.

“I wanted to show them that comics aren’t just for kids, there’s so much more to them.

“I explained to them that films such as the Avengers, Thor, Spiderman and all the recent Hollywood blockbusters are based on comic books and are now a multi-million franchise.

It made them realise that they are so much more involved with comics than they thought.”

The comic book, which Gavin self published under Green Monkey Comics, consists of three different stories with different themes and a twist at the end.

The first tale ‘Saviour’ is set in the wild west and is about a young boy who has an abusive alcoholic father and prays for salvation.

The second tale is called ‘Monkfight’ which tells the story of an encounter between two monks and is full of martial arts while the third tale ‘Homeless’ is based in the US and is about a homeless man who befriends a stray dog.

The comic, which is available in Carrolls Newsagents in the Longwalk Shoppping Centre and in Carrolls News and Deli on Park Street, has only been available since last Monday but has already proven popular with the locals.

“A few copies have been sold already, which is great news,” said Gavin.

“I used to get my comics from Donal McArdle’s newsagents at the Square.

“He used to order in the American format comics for those of us that had an interest in them.

The former CBS student hopes to raise more awareness of the Irish comic book scene with his publication and will be releasing another collection of stories at the end of November for Christmas.

“I’ve had a number of artists contacting me about contributing to my next collection which is great and Tommie Kelly, who has created the first cover has also agreed to do my second.

“My goal for the future is to keep building the label, Green Monkey Comics and bring my creations to a wider audience.”

‘Innocent Tales’ is available now in Carrolls Newsagents in the Longwalk Shopping Centre and in Carrolls News and Deli priced at €4.99.