Minister needs to get tough on crime in the border regions

The AGM of the Thomas Markey Cumann was held recently in the new Fianna Fail office in Dundalk.

The AGM of the Thomas Markey Cumann was held recently in the new Fianna Fail office in Dundalk.

With almost every seat full Chairman Peter Mc Kevitt welcomed delegates and members to the event stating that the AGM was the first to be held in the new offices which he believed “was a step forward for both the party and its members locally.”

Mr. Mc Kevitt praised the members who voluntarily gave up their own time to fit out and paint the new offices which is open to the public every Tuesday to Friday. He pointed out the importance of the party presence to show strength and representation to the community.

Constituency delegate to the National Executive Harry Arrowsmith informed the congregation that the office is an information point where members of public can meet their public representatives and get information and advice on issues like planning applications, social welfare entitlements or the party in general.

Members noted that the footpath from Tain Bridge to the Racecourse Road near Dundalk Racing Stadium, was finally constructed and thanked Mr Mc Kevitt for his hard efforts to securing same.

Peter Mc Kevitt had heavily campaigned during the 2009 local elections for such a pathway after a mother had complained it was unsafe while pushing a pram along a dirt track.

There was an expression of heartfelt sorrow for the widow of Garda Adrian Donohue who was murdered in Lordship recently. Former Chairman of Dundalk Town Council Pearse O Hanrahan spoke of his shock on hearing the news.

He claimed that the current Minister for Justice needed to get tough on crime in the border regions especially in light of this violent attack on our National Police force. Members joined Mr. O Hanrahan in his expression of sorrow for Garda Donohue’s widow and family.

Delegate to the Comhairle Ceantair Carmel Lynn queried the Town Councils business rates and asked if given the extended olive branch of lowering the pay-parking by the Council if nothing more could be done to bring more foot fall customers into the town centre.

Mrs Lynn was speaking after she spoke of the great atmosphere created in the town square over the Christmas period with the Ice rink. Mrs Lynn said “I believe that the people of Dundalk need an incentive to come into town and over Christmas this was it.”

Young and old she added came together and it reflected in an upsurge in business and community spirit.

The meeting concluded with the election of officers with Peter Mc Kevitt returned as Chairman unopposed, Margaret Lambe returned as Cumann Secretary, James Clarke was re-elected Ogra Officer, Joan Brannigan was elected Treasurer, while delegates returned where John Temple, Carmel Lynn and Pearse O Hanrahan.