Holy numbers are up for Ardee man

An artistic Ardee man has developed a digital graphic novel called ‘The Holy Numbers’.

An artistic Ardee man has developed a digital graphic novel called ‘The Holy Numbers’.

Comic writer Tommie Kelly, who lives in Ardee, has written the comic which is set in modern day Ireland where a New Age mmovement has become extremely popular.

The story asks what would happen if a Messiah-like figure appeared in Ireland during this time of economic hardship.

“I started writing the comic last January,” said Tommie while speaking to the Dundalk Democrat this week, “the plot is basically about a man appearing on the Liffey in Dublin and is able to walk on it.”

“He’s a Messiah-like figure which immediately sparks an argument amongst the religious and sceptics.”

A native of Dundalk, Tommie has his main character named “Ravensdale”.

“I would often drive past Ravensdale and think to myself that it would be a great name for a character.”

Tommie has been heavily involved in the Irish comic scene for over seven years.

He is also friends with Declan Shelby who works with Marvel Comics.

For a number of years Tommie toured the country with a few bands.

It wasn’t until he turned 28 that he returned to his childhood passion.

“I remember thinking that if I don’t get out of the gigging business I would be stuck in it for the rest of my life,”said Tommie.

“I was most happiest when I was drawing and writing comics, so I went back to my childhood passion.

“I didn’t draw for over eight years, so it took me a while to get back into the swing of things.”

Having rekindled his passion, Tommie set up www.irishcomicnews.com and has never looked back.

“I love what I do. I love creating my own characters and playing with them. I don’t make a lot of money but it’s my passion.”

If you are interested in reading Tommie’s comic, you can log onto www.holynumbers.com

Readers can buy the comic for any value, from one-cent up to one-hundred euro.