Andrew wants to be a spacce cadet

A local man is looking to take the big leap into space, but he needs your help!

A local man is looking to take the big leap into space, but he needs your help!

Andrew Guest had entered himself into the Lynx Apollo competition, which is giving twenty-two people the opportunity to go into space.

The competition is running in seventy-seven counties around the globe and the top voted candidates will go forward to the Lynx Space Academy, whittling down the candidates with a further space camp in Florida before the final winning astronaut is picked.

Speaking to the Dundalk Democrat about his ambitious venture, Andrew said,

“I am chancing my arm by entering this competition.

“I spotted the advertisement for the competition and I decided to enter.”

The competition coincides with Lynx launching their new fragrance.

Running under the tag line “Leave a man. Come back a hero”, Lynx has recruited Buzz Aldrin, veteran of the Apollo 11 1969 Moon landing who said,

“I’m thrilled that Lynx is giving the young people of today such an extraordinary opportunity to experience some of what I’ve encountered in space.”

The actual space flight will be handled by the Space Expedition Corporation (Space XC), which will offer daily commercial space flights from 2014, using the XCOR Lynx aircraft.

The XCOR Lynx is a fully reusable spacecraft, with two seats, that takes off and lands like a regular aircraft, at a city airport.

The flight is likely to operate out of Curacao in the Caribbean.

The cost of a flight in real terms is around 70,000 and so far there have been more than 200 commercial flights sold through the company.

With millions of people entering the competition Andrew is well aware that his chances are slim.

“It’s unlikely that I will get picked but I’m asking people to please log online and vote for me. It would be an amazing experience.”

To vote for Andrew and give him the chance to go to space, go to and search for Andrew’s profile.