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Women’s Aid Dundalk says it’s time to ‘man-up’ in Louth about domestic violence.

Women’s Aid Dundalk says it’s time to ‘man-up’ in Louth about domestic violence.

Memebers of Women’s Aid Dundalk attended the launch of Safe Ireland’s ‘Man-up’ campaign in Dublin last week and a spokesperson for the Dundalk group said Women’s Aid Dundalk have been unable to accommodate almost two hundred requests for crisis accommodation since January last because of the increase in demand.

Nearly 8,000 women and over 3,000 children, received support from domestic violence services nationwide in 2011. This includes figures from Louth.

That’s an increase of 56 per cent in the number of women looking for safety since 2007. In total, just short of 4,000 people – 1,686 individual women and 2,142 individual children - were admitted to refuge.

“We think these figures are horrific and a sad indictment of Irish society,” the spokesperson for Women’s Aid Dundalk said. “We are dealing with a crime that is committed nearly every hour and certainly every day of the year. Domestic abuse is heart breaking and it is definitely the most under-reported, largely undocumented and certainly unprosecuted crime in the country.

“We all have to ‘Man-up’ about domestic violence. Ireland is a small nation with a relatively small population. We believe that Ireland can be the safest place in the world for women and children. Over the coming year we will be rolling out a number of initiatives to help make things safer.”

‘Man-up’ switches the focus, for the first time, from the needs and views of survivors – mostly women and children – to the actions and words of those who control and abuse - mostly men.

Womens Aid Dundalk provides 24-hour crisis accommodation and support for women and childrne fleeing violence. They have one-to-one outreach clinics in Ardee, Dunleer, Carlingford, and Tallanstown, also on request.

Women’s Aid Dundalk 24-hour helpline: 042-9333244.