Dundalk E-Newsletter will promote the richness of diversity, integration and peace in Dundalk

Amaka Okonkwo has launched a new newsletter to promote social inclusion to migrant communities in Dundalk.

Amaka Okonkwo has launched a new newsletter to promote social inclusion to migrant communities in Dundalk.

Dundalk E-Newsletter is a new social media initiative designed by Amaka to create an inclusion media representation for all communities in Dundalk.

Speaking about her new e-newsletter Amaka said,

“There are times migrant communities and their children are not aware of services and information specifically available to them or how to access them.

I want to use this e- newsletter to touch lives and empower the vulnerable and promote equality.

Included in the e-newsletter will be a special section where readers can ask Amaka questions or advice.

“The youth from migrant backgrounds, from my experience, are sometimes faced with identity crisis’s due to conflicts in culture.

These young leaders will be given opportunity in this Newsletter to Ask Amaka any question in any area that is bothering them as they grow up in Ireland.”

This newsletter is published by Amaka Okonkwo as part of her work to give back to the community.

Amaka is a social entrepreneur/community development worker and print media advertising executive.

She has worked as an Assistant Administrative officer and a clerical officer at Ait na n’DAoine and Louth County Council.

What makes Amaka stand out is her great passion for touching lives and she is dedicated to her work in promoting integration and peace in Ireland.

She has flair for writing and has had her works published by various newspapers and magazines in Ireland.

Amaka is one of the Awards recipients of 100 most influential Africans in Ireland and Northern Ireland 2012 as a result of her dedication, contribution and impact in the lives of people, community and society at large.

As part of her passion, Amaka has felt the need to inspire the new communities in Dundalk by profiling some of their contributions towards the development of Dundalk in this publication just to empower them.

She is also hoping that most of the events usually held in Dublin can be attracted to Dundalk.