Louth TDs attend Rural Respect week launch in Dublin

Louth TDs Gerry Adams and Peter Fitzpatrick were present at the official launch of Rural Respect Week which will feature many events in Louth.

Louth TDs Gerry Adams and Peter Fitzpatrick were present at the official launch of Rural Respect Week which will feature many events in Louth.

The theme of Rural Respect Week is “Building peace through respect” and will highlight the amazing role that rural communities such as those in Louth play in building peace.

The events will be supported by our Louth Rural Enabler, Sharon O’Toole.

Sinn Fein President and Louth TD Gerry Adams commended the Rural Enabler Programme for the work it is doing on both sides of the border and relates strongly to the North/South platform on which he himself stands. “It is a great privilege to meet people who are the glue that holds things together, particularly those who were here during tough times.”

Fine Gael Louth TD Peter Fitzpatrick also said

“I wish the Rural Enable Programme all the best with their respect week 2012.

The theme of Rural Respect Week is Building Peace through Respect; it is a fantastic organisation and a credit to all involved.

I am looking forward to attending some of the events in County Louth”.

Ferdia Park’s Human Library is running this Wednesday, September 26, from 7.00-9.30pm in Ferdia Park Community House as part of the Rural Enabler Respect Week in Louth.

It is open to the residence in Ferdia Park and neighboring estates.

The nature of the event focuses on the ties of friendship and relationships which are necessary and vital in our present and shared futures.

The human library encompasses the art of conversation where people pick a book title for themselves which is used as the ice breaker and in groups of 4 the conversations bubbles over tea,coffee and scones for 15 minute intervals.

People are moved around like speed dating and the process begins again.

The evening will finish up with light musical entertainment and a good time by all.

The process overcomes our stereotyping, perceptions and biases and gives us an opportunity to meet people just as they are.

The launch was introduced by Michael Hughes CEO of Rural Community Network who said Rural Respect Week is about recognising, acknowledging and harnessing the diversity within our rural communities to enhance community sustainability.

“The challenge is that whilst we may not agree with the difference and diversity we take time to learn and to build respect” he said.

Michael added that taking time is crucial and respect building in most cases can only be achieved through sustained and meaningful engagement.

“The role of the Rural Enabler has been in many cases the catalyst for engagement to commence and it is this people support that communities and groups involved in the Programme have valued the most”

“The need for strong leaders in communities was never more required than it is in the current difficult time in our history,” he said.

The work of both organisations in supporting communities through the Rural Enabler Programme is essential to the building of a better Ireland”.