Louth recycles with pride

Louth’s contribution to recycling helps Repak achieve recycling rate of over 66 per cent

Louth’s contribution to recycling helps Repak achieve recycling rate of over 66 per cent

Repak has commended the people of Louth for their contribution in helping to grow packaging recycling from the 2,666 tonnes in 1998 to 17,204 tonnes in 2011,

Repak urges all Louth householders and businesses to continue to build on its successful track record of packaging recycling in 2012.

Repak recognise Louth’s continued contribution to its recycling achievements.

This year alone, Louth has contributed the equivalent of 6 million Cans, 8 million Glass Bottles, 17 million Plastic Bottles, 32 million Plastic Refuse Sacks, 20 million Steel Food Cans, 573 million Cereal Boxes and 2 million Beverage Cartons.

In the last 15 year, Louth’s contribution has helped Repak achieve a recycling rate over 66% today up from 15% before 1998, packaging recycling from 110,000 tonnes PA in 1998 to over 650,000 tonnes today, helped Ireland meet and exceed its 2001, 2005 and 2011 EU packaging targets, helped Repak support the recovery and recycling rate of 6.3 million tonnes of used packaging from landfill and helped Ireland build its collection infrastructure.

Louth contributed 166,292 tonnes to 6.3 million tonnes of packaging recycling nationwide in last 15 years.

“Thanks to Louth’s help and contribution, packaging recycling has not only grown, but is now the most successful scheme in Ireland,” said Dr. Andrew Hetherington, CEO Repak.

“If it was not for Louth’s continued support, packaging recycling would not be in such rude health. However, with proposed changes on the horizon, we need to make sure that the consumer does not get weighed down with an unnecessary tax or more complicated procedures to recycle, that would put a further burden on producers or businesses who have played their part in our recycling success.”

This year which is the 12th Repak Recycling Week, there are a number of Recycling initiatives being run to help highlight recycling during the week.

Initiatives during the week include:

- Launch of Every Can Counts (http://www.everycancounts.ie/), with the support of Repak a major new nationwide recycling programme for used drinks cans which promotes more sustainable habits at work, on campus and at home.

- iPhone 5 competition on Repak Recyclemore Facebook page to promote the launch of the iPhone app.

- Repak Members Conference 4th October.

- Repak Recycling awards ceremony celebrating best practice in packaging preventing and recycling, including WEEE and batteries.

Also as part of the Week, the Repak Recycling Awards will take place on the Thursday October 4th at The Convention Centre, Dublin. The awards recognise the efforts and ingenuity of Repak Members, from Industry Local Authorities and Collectors in the area of packaging prevention, reuse and recycling.

Last year Louth Council won a Repak award for the Repak Glasco Local Authority of the Year Award.

Visit Repak.ie or Recyclemore.ie to find out more about the week.