Prize day at Dundalk Grammar School held in the schools new Multi Purpose Hall

Dundalk Grammar School held its very first function in its brand new Multi-Purpose Hall last Friday, September 21.

Dundalk Grammar School held its very first function in its brand new Multi-Purpose Hall last Friday, September 21.

The occasion was the Annual Awards Ceremony at which excellence in academic study, music, sport, and community achievements are acknowledged and rewarded.

The New Hall is able to seat 800 plus people and has the option of being configured as four badminton courts or a basketball court.

At one end there is a stage which is equipped with both lighting and sound so that the school orchestras and choirs and drama groups can put on productions to a large audience.

Chairperson of the Board of Governors, Dr Laurence Swan commented,

“Our school drama and choral productions have always been spectacular, largely through the efforts of our talented students and staff.

Now we have the facilities to present such excellence properly for the first time and do justice to all the hard work. It’s going to be great fun, watch this space !”

In welcoming Dr Dawson Stelfox, guest speaker at the ceremony, Dr Swan said,

“It was at ten minutes past five o’clock on the 27th March 1993 that a radio at base camp crackled and Dr Stelfox was heard to say: ‘Dermot, the altimeter is reading 8,848 meters and I’m sitting on the summit of the world’ which was because he had become the first Irishman to conquer Everest.”

Dr Swan asked that students be inspired by such bravery and “seize life and follow their dreams wherever life may take them.”

Headmaster, Mr Cyril Drury, explained that the growth of the school had meant that,

“This awards ceremony has had to travel around town to find a suitable large venue for twenty one years.

We were for some years in the Town Hall before moving to the DKIT and then the Fairways Hotel - all were very hospitable but now we have come home to our rightful place which makes the event so much more enjoyable.

I know that students and staff alike will be putting this world-class facility to full use.”

Talking after the event Mrs Iris O’Sullivan, Deputy Chairperson of the Board of Governors, expressed grateful thanks to the Department of Education and Skills for much of the funding, and said that,

“The current disruption being experienced by students, staff and parents alike due to all the building work will be drawing to an end in a years time when the new classroom block, already two months ahead of schedule, is completed and ready for occupation. We shall then have a truly wonderful campus.”