Dunleer athlete is training runners for the Dublin City Marathon in October

David Carrie is once again training runners and so far has over 100 people in Team Carrie that are taking part in a 22-week training schedule.

David Carrie is once again training runners and so far has over 100 people in Team Carrie that are taking part in a 22-week training schedule.

They are walkers, joggers, beginners and experienced runners, and they are all accommodated within the group.

They started at the end of May and their programme will continue until the Dublin City Marathon on the October bank holiday weekend.

“We are taking part in a number of events during the summer,” said Dave, and everything that is raised through sponsorship goes to the Gary Kelly Cancer Centre.

“We have already run in the Irish Runner Five Mile event in the Phoenix Park in June.

“The next event will be the Dunleer four-mile on 25 August. Then the Frank Duffy 10 mile event. On 15 September we will take part in the Dublin half-marathon.

Most of the people taking part are from mid-Louth and they train every Wednesday at 7pm at the Dunleer Athletic Club track.

“Later in the programme we hope to meet on Sunday mornings as well,” said Dave. “This is our third year.

“The youngest person in the group is 21 and the oldest is 57.

“The events are all part of the National Lottery Race series and they are a great build-up plan for the marathon.

“Everybody will have the opportunity to get fit at their own pace. We have over 40 of last year’s team back in training.

“I set it up to try and encourage people to get involved in sport and for people who want to do a marathon.

“It shows that anyone can do a marathon if they really want to. It is possible.

“The first year we had 48 people taking part. Last year it was 80 and now we have over a hundred.

“Everyone collects their own individual sponsors and the total amount goes towards the Gary Kelly Centre.

Last year, the team took part in the inaugural Dunleer Four-Mile road which was launched by

a great Irish athlete, Olympics star Catherina McKiernan.

Dave himself is an athlete of considerable achievement and experience.

He has run in the World Athletic Championships, European Championships, and is a national marathon champion.

He has run across Ireland, doing a marathon a day over seven days to raise awareness of sudden cardiac death.

That series of marathons raised €20,000 for a new clinic at the Mater Hospital Dublin.

He has also covered other runs in aid of the Mater Clinic and the Sudden Cardiac Death Support Group.

“It cost 1.3 million to provide the clinic,” said David, “and the main thing is we helped make people aware of the problem and the need for a screening centre.

“We were way behind the rest of Europe on this. Six thousand people die of heart disease in this country every year, and at least 70 of them are under 35.

“Sudden cardiac death can strike anyone at anytime, but if people can be screened for it, the same way they can be screened for cancer, many lives will be saved.

“People were very generous and everybody who supported me and all the events in the Dunleer Festival can be assured their money has gone to a good cause,” said David.

And now Team Carrie are also running for charity. Well done all.