Ardee Boxing Club still fighting for its life after what was thought to be a knockout punch

Gene Yore


Gene Yore

Ardee Boxing Club is back off the canvass after new talks with sympathetic owners could save town’s youngsters

Ardee Boxing Club is back off the canvass after new talks with sympathetic owners could save town’s youngsters

A club spokesman confirmed that talks are taking place and the club is hopeful a compromise can be reached.

The club had been facing eviction next week, after just six months in action.

But it is understood that when the owners realised that it was a voluntary organisation and not a business that was occuppying the premises, matters took a new turn.

The matter was raised at last week’s meeting of the Ardee Town Council and councillors were furious that the club was facing eviction.

But the story took a new turn at the weekend and club members are now in direct contact with the owners who have given them a very sympathetic hearing, and it is now hoped that the matter can be resolved.

The founders of the club had completely renovated the building and brought a purpose to the lives of young people in Ardee.

When the club opened last February up to fifty boys and girls joined up.

Philip Synnott, a founder and president of the club, said the premises is ideal and they really do not want to have to leave.

“We have over fifty youngsters on our books,” said Philip. “We also have adults who come in to keep fit. And they pay the money that’s keeping us going.

“Since we opened last February we put a carpet on every inch of the floor and five people have gone on coaching courses.”

The club began when one young person put a message on Facebook saying the town was a dump and there was nothing for young people to do.

Philip Sinnott was approached by Mickey McGahon, who is now treasurer, and they set about trying to do something for the young people.

“This whole thing was Mickey’s dream,” said Philip. “The two of us got together and we decided to try and set up a boxing club and the first thing we did was look for a premises.

“We got carpenters, plumbers, and lots of other people who gave their free time and their skills. We built a ring and got equipment and opened last month.

The club has sent four of its committee on a child protection course to ensure that all young people who are members of the club are fully protected and supervised in accordance with government guidelines and all guidelines as laid down by the Irish Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA) to which Ardee Boxing club is affiliated.

It’s also fully covered by insurance and the new gym has been brought up to the necessary health and safety requirements.

“We have five trainers,” said Philip, “and all of them have taken coaching courses.

“The young people were sitting at their computers and complaining on Facebook that there was nothing to do in the town.”