Pharmacist warns about black market medicine

Pharmacist warns about black market medicine
The owner of a local

The owner of a local

pharmacy believes that people are “playing with death” when buying prescription drugs online.

Ciaran Walsh, owner of the Castletown Pharmacy, told The Democrat that the sale of prescription drugs online is hard to regulate.

Last week, Gardai said that organised drug gangs are not becoming involved in the counterfeit and fake pharmaceuticals market.

Assistance Garda Commissioner John O’Mahoney said that Irish people who had fallen ill and struggling to pay for medicine were turning to the online black market.

Gardai recently uncovered a counterfeit pharmaceutical plant in Dublin with a value of €100,000.

Ciaran Walsh believes that people should buy their medicine from a local pharmacist.

“People are risking their lives,” he said of those turning to the black market.

“The internet is regulated loosely and it is difficult to regulate.

“Every drug that is brought into our pharmacy is approved by the pharmaceutical board.

“I would ask people to think twice before they buy any medicine online.”

He added that people were “messing with their lives” when they purchased prescription drugs online.

And while the pharmaceutical black market poses a risk to the lives of people, Ciaran does not think it will heavily impact local pharmacies.

“I don’t think the online market or black market poses a huge risk to local pharmacies.

“The people that come into our pharmacy are regular customers who go to their GP and then come to us.”

Assistant Commissioner O’Mahoney said those behind the black market would sell any medicine that gave hope to people who were ill.

He said: “We are seeing more and more of a focus by some organised crime groups in the trafficking of illicit pharmaceutical drugs

“We’ve had, certainly in the last 12 months, increasing evidence of this.

“A lot of it is sedatives. And diazepam is another area where we are finding significant seizures.”