‘Louth Land League’ to support families in fight against banks

A self styled Louth Land League is set for an official launch this September.

A self styled Louth Land League is set for an official launch this September.

The group’s aim is to support individuals and families who are experiencing debt and who may lose their homes and or business as a result. Members of the National Land League have made headlines of late through their closing down of property auctions in which family homes were under the hammer without the owner’s consent.

A spokesperson for the group told the Democrat that: “The Land League is not restricted to protest however and provides advice and assistance in corresponding with banks and preparing court defences against applications for repossessions.

The original Land League was formed in the late nineteenth century to represent the rights of poor tenant farmers.

The new group say they will help those who fear they may lose their homes.

“In Dundalk Courthouse on one day last month there were 135 applications by banks for home repossessions. Of the 135 homeowners only 5 turned up.

“Failing to correspond with banks and not showing up in court leaves the homeowner with no options whatsoever, whereas turning up and presenting a defence will keep you in your home much longer.

“Everyone has debt and so there should be no embarrassment about it.

“ We ask for no fee and are motivated by the desire to bring people together to support and defend each other.”

The Louth Land League is preparing drop in centres in Dundalk, Drogheda and Ardee; written correspondence workshops; Court defence workshops; and community events throughout the county.”

To become involved in the League or if you require assistance you make contact with the group on 089-4286261.