Bellurgan Park presents
‘A Christmas Carol’

Bellurgan Park presents 
‘A Christmas Carol’
FOR a truly different Santa experience look no further than Bellurgan Park as this year organisers are offering a unique event based on Charles Dickin’s, “ A Christmas Carol”.

FOR a truly different Santa experience look no further than Bellurgan Park as this year organisers are offering a unique event based on Charles Dickin’s, “ A Christmas Carol”.

Spokesperson for the event Oliver O Donoghue said,

“If you are planning to take your kids to see Santa, and would like to see and experience something truly different then come along to Bellurgan Park. This is such a unique opportunity to take the kids to something that is sure to stay with them for a life time. And for the adults it’s a chance to enjoy some old nostalgia and spirit of Christmas story!”

According to Oliver the inspiration for the event came from the big man himself – Father Christmas!

“The idea funny enough came from a letter we received from the North pole!
In fact Santa Claus has given us permission to let you print it so here it is ……

“Dear Bellurgan Park,

 Upon flying over your area of the world last year, I discovered that the Christmas Spirit has become a little low. My Sleigh wobbled and carted (as it runs on the Christmas Spirit of thepeople in the area). So upon returning to the North Pole I decided that there needs to be some of the old nostalgia, Spirit and feeling brought back to the area!!

 So I wish to charge the good People of Bellurgan Park with the Civic Duty of restoring this Spirit by retelling the age old story that my old friend from many years ago, Mr. Charles Dickens , wrote, yes you have it “ A Christmas Carol”!!

What a treat to give the people of the area, and remind them that the spirit of Christmas lives in all their hearts and only wishes to reach out to the world and help the poor and those in need at this festive time of year!!

 Make this retelling something that the children can really join in and have fun, and let them get that feeling once again!!  I would love for nothing more than to say hello and ho ho ho to them upon the end of the show..!!!!! Christmas wishes and blessings, Santa Claus”

So charged by Santa himself with spreading Christmas Spirit, the good people at Bellurgan Park put on their cheeriest thinking caps and the result is “Bellurgan Park – A Christmas Carol”! No ordinary Santa experience, this event, which follows on the heels of their acclaimed Halloween experience, is sure to cheer even the coldest of hearts this Christmastime!

“With the success of the Halloween event we really wanted to offer something that was a little unique. We decided that it had to be more than just a play to be viewed so while writing the scripts, we decided that we did not want this to be just a play, we wanted the audience not just to see the story unfold but also to be very much a part of it’.

“And so we have an active role for the audience to play while they moved through the whole experience where they will get to jeer, to laugh to dance and whirl their way through the magical scenes of each set!!

The story will be set indoors, and the house lends itself perfectly to this 19th century story due to the very décor and ambience of it! The tone will be more humourous than scary, and filled with Fun. So parents need not worry about it being too scary for the kids to enjoy.

Over 40 people have been involved in the making of this and there has been some huge effort by MAD Youth Theatre who are going to be driving the creativity in this event.

Bellurgan Park – A Christmas Carol will run on the following dates 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd of December. The price for tickets is 15 euro for kids, which includes almost an hour or entertainment and a trip to ‘you know who’. Accompanying adults will pay 10 euro and there may just be something in it for them as well. Just google “Bellurgan Park” and you will find the appropriate links to book online. We are strongly encouraging pre-booking as it is filling up fast. For any other queries it is best to email to .