Murnaghan and McGahon on FG Dundalk-Carlingford ticket

Murnaghan and McGahon on FG Dundalk-Carlingford ticket
Fine Gael have selected their candidates to stand for the local authority elections next May.

Fine Gael have selected their candidates to stand for the local authority elections next May.

John McGahon (23) from Dundalk, and Martin Murnaghan (24), currently on the county council representing the Cooley, were selected to run in the new Dundalk-Carlingford municipal district.

The convention for candidates for Dundalk south was held last night (Monday) and the result was not known at the time of going to press.

Three candidates are seeking that nomination: Paddy Malone, currently PRO Dundalk Chamber of Commerce, Cllr Maria Doyle Dundalk town Council and Cllr Linus English, currently Louth County Council.

Commenting on his nomination this week, John McGahon said that he had already started his campaign.

“I am absolutely delighted to have been selected,” Mr McGahon said.

“It means a lot when you put yourself in front of members and ask them to place their trust in your ability.

“My family have taught me the importance of honesty, integrity and consistency in public life and I hope to bring those lessons into this campaign.

“I believe the role of a county councillor requires hard work, dedication and a commitment to our town and county.

“Over the next nine months I will be working hard to ensure we win two seats next May.

“We have a great team here and I want to make sure we have maximum success.

“The reason I am getting into the race is quite simple. I see politics as a genuine way to help people.

“From a young age I have seen how politics can have a positive impact on people’s lives.

“No issue should be considered too small. What may seem insignificant to one person, could be life changing to another.”

Martin Murnaghan, who was co-opted to the Louth County Counil in 2011 when Jim D’Arcy vacated his seat to become a senator, said that he was looking forward to the election campaign.

“I am looking forward to hitting the campaign trail and meeting the people,” Mr Murnaghan said.

“I’ve had three years experience on the county council already. So I know what I am tasked with.

“I will be informing the electorate what I can do and what I can’t do as a councillor.”

Mr Murnaghan, who founded Young Fine Gael in Louth, added that he will be bringing energy to the campaign.

He said: “Like John, we are young, active and enthusiastic. I know people may say that we are young and should wait a few more years to get involved in political life.

“But I thoroughly enjoy what I do.

“I wake up every morning feeling that I can make a difference.”

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