Markings and crossing system to be changed at The Square

Dundalk Town Council is to change the pedestrian system at the Market Square.

Dundalk Town Council is to change the pedestrian system at the Market Square.

It will operated by pushing a pedestrian button at the crossings.

There will also be balck and white markings on the crossings at the Square.

This follows complaints by councillors about traffic not stopping at the crossings to let people cross and a safety audit carried out by the town engineers.

At previous meetings of the council, Cllr Martin Bellew had called for more distinctive markings on the pedestrian crossings at the Market Square because he believed that motorists were simply not stopping to let people cross.

“I don’t think the markings on the crossing are prominant enough,” Cllr Bellew said.

He put a motion before the council which asks the council to paint black and white road markings and provide extra flashing amber lights on all poles - as is the case in Chapel Street.

Cllr Bellew raised this issue at a provious meeting and stated that he believes half the vehicles passing through the Square in Dundalk do not stop to allow people cross on the pedestrain crossing.

Town Engineer Catherine Duff brought the reports before the council.

The new look Market Square was launched at the end of 2011 and the general view is that it has added greatly to the town.

There have been open air concerts and the new fountain provides a water display of 25 individual nozzles giving a limitless range of water jet and lighting effects.

During peak periods, such as lunchtime, early evenings and weekends, the fountain is programmed to take on an interactive show function, with a range of alternating jet heights and colour combinations.

Specific colour themes have been programmed for seasonal events such as green for St Patrick’s Day and yellow at Easter.

It has been possible to synchronise the water and light display with any performance that may be happening in the new-look Square, such as live music or dance events like the Jedward concert.

The fountain was to complement a traffic calming atmosphere and an improved environment for pedestrians. But it seems it will take a little time.