Just weeks until ‘zebra crossing’ lights installed

Just weeks until ‘zebra crossing’ lights installed
New zebra crossing lights are to be installed at the Town Square in the next few weeks, which replace the current pelican crossing beacons.

New zebra crossing lights are to be installed at the Town Square in the next few weeks, which replace the current pelican crossing beacons.

Improvement works on the Square will begin today (Tueday) according to the Town Council

Last year a report into how traffic was functioning as a result of the new square layout found that there was confusion on the part of drivers who didn’t seem to fully comprehend that there were a number of pedestrian crossing surrounding the square.

However, there was also concern that full traffic lights would be brought, fears which were allayed this week when the new pedestrian beacons were unveiled.

Cllr Jennifer Green told the Dundalk Democrat: “I understand the lights were set for Monday (yesterday) but due to schdule of works will in fact be coming in the next few weeks.

“The new lights will allow pedestrian press a button which will fully stop traffic using the traditional three light system in a near identical manner to the lights at thetrain station.

“The problem was cars on Clanrassil Street thinking they needed to give way to traffic on the right on Crowe Street, and as a result they were ingoring pedestrians.

“These lights will also be more user friendly for people with disabilitites.”

A spokesperson for Dundalk Town Council told the Democrat that new zebra crossing lights are one of a number of improvements that will make the square safer.

Other improvements will include: Installation of permanent traffic signals at Earl St, installation of additional Zebra Crossing and dropped kerb at Long Walk /Magnet Rd, fitting of additional tactile paving in vicinity of crossing, new additional studs/tactiles at Ulster Bank; fitting of permanent lane separator at Clanbrassil St/Crowe St Junction; painting markings on Zebra Crossings to improve contrast; refit Bollards to improve visibility ; provide additional ducting and power to Square; reset Litter Bins at Earl St to improve visibility; new Speed ramp and gateway treatment on the Magnet approach to Square; fit additional drainage channel at Crowe St. Junction; fit new bench and bins at rear of Arts Office to divert pedestrians away from step feathering; and an omproved road markings on approach.

“These works were postponed to avoid conflict with Christmas shopping activities but are now planned to proceed from next Tuesday, when the contractor will commence by extending tactile across the full extent of the western footpath from the Zebra Crossing to the Ulster Bank. The works are planned to take some 5 weeks in total with most of the works taking place on the pedestrian areas.” said a spokesperson for Dundalk Town Council.