Second helping of ‘Trish the Witch’ available just in time for Halloween weekend

Local author Patricia Reynolds has a new book called ‘Trish the Witch, Book 2’ coming out next Saturday, October 27.

Local author Patricia Reynolds has a new book called ‘Trish the Witch, Book 2’ coming out next Saturday, October 27.

The new book is the second in the series of Trish the Witch books and will be officially launched at 12 noon in Carrolls Book Shop on Park Street just in time for the Halloween weekend.

Trish the Witch will give a short reading and a book signing will follow.

This will be great fun as there will be face-painting for witches and wizards and some refreshments for the children.

The Dundalk Democrat got a chance to have a quick chat with Patricia about how she created her ‘Trish the Witch’ series.

“Trish the Witch is a character that I have been telling stories about for years to children all over Dundalk, including my own daughters”

Patricia finally decided to write the first book after some encouragement from one of her daughters.

“We were all sitting down to have dinner in September of last year and my daughter asked me when I was going to put pen to paper and get Trish published.”

The book is geared towards children aged between 6-11 years and is a fun, magical, mysterious and scary read. We are first introduced to Trish the Witch in Book 1 when we find out that Trish is a good witch who cares about the environment, and takes care of the animals, birds and countryside, using her special magic to change evil to good.

“In Book 2, Trish goes on two more missions, Mission 3 is a scary one called ‘Agatha’s Master Plan’ and follows on from Book 1.

Mission 4 is called ‘The Big Meadow’ and is a very funny mission that is drawn from Irish mythology and features a bad tempered Leprechaun”

The illustrations in the book are created by James Thornton from Bay Estate who also illustrated the first book.

The book also features a special picture drawn by Roisin Langon from St. Peter’s Primary school, Dromiskin who won an art competition ran by Patricia herself.

“The art competition was held in nine schools and the winner, Roisin, has her picture published in the ‘Trish the Witch, Book 2’. All runners up were also given a Trish the Witch fun pack and have been invited to the official launch on October 27th.”

Halloween is one of Patricia’s favourite times of year and she does a lot of readings as Trish the Witch around Dundalk in the local schools.

Patricia loves that the kids respond so well to Trish, “many kids today are more interested in computers and X-Boxes and electronic stimulators so it’s great to see them using their imaginations and being drawn into the drama of the fantasy.”

Patricia hopes to release a Trish the Witch book every Halloween.

“ I hope that it will continue to be successful and continue to get better year after year. The picture quality this year is excellent and the book is a little bigger than Book 1 so I’m very excited for the kids to see it.”

Patricia has also written two Irish plays that can be performed in groups of up to 15 or 26 people.

The books are A4 size so are easily photocopied and feature full costume and stage suggestions.

“The plays that I have written are great for anyone teaching Speech and Drama classes and are written for anyone aged between 4-17 years.”

Trish the Witch, Book 2 can be purchased from Carrolls Bookstore on Park Street or Waterstones in the Sctoch Hall in Drogheda.

Alternatively you can visit the ‘Trish the Witch’ Facebook page and message Patricia your details.

There are also 40 copies of Trish the Witch, book 1 available for anyone who missed out last year.

If you want to see Trish the Witch in action then you can catch her at one of her readings.

There will be a reading of Trish the Witch, in the Dundalk Library at 3pm on Tuesday 1st November and a reading in The Park, Sandy Lane, Blackrock, Co. Louth at 3.30pm on Wednesday 2nd November.

All are welcome.