Tain March will be led by archaeologist Paul Gosling, an expert on the archaeological history along the route

The Tain March leaves Ardee at 2pm on Friday 8th and will be accompanied by Professor Paul Gosling. His expertise will add a whole new dimension to the occasion.

The Tain March leaves Ardee at 2pm on Friday 8th and will be accompanied by Professor Paul Gosling. His expertise will add a whole new dimension to the occasion.

The co-ordination of the march is by Carlingford and Mourne Region Ltd, with committee’s set up in each of the participating towns and villages running their own events. Tim Mullins of Glengat Guesthouse Dundalk is Chairperson and represents the Louth Economic Forum.

The march proper will begin in Ardee with assembly at 4pm in the car park of Super Value. The whole community is asked to dress up as warriors and go to the battle of the ford in a re-enactment of the battle between Cuchullain and his foster brother Ferdia. It was a wonderful spectacle last year, emotionally moving, realistic, and superbly done but promises to be even better this year. The battle will be followed by a feast in Ardee Castle for those participating with pig on the spit, refreshments and Celtic music, with Craic agus ceoil in The Ferdia Arms across the road later that evening. The Ferdia arms played host to the organising committees last Thurs night at the conclusion of the meeting.

Tallanstown is a new participant and will greet the marchers with choral Celtic music, and then on through Louth village to Knockbridge arriving there for 7pm. The army of Knockbridge and its community are expected to block the path of the approaching Maeve’s army and will promise to feed them if the village of Knockbridge is spared the trauma of war. It is expected that this will happen and that food will be provided for all at Stephenstown Pond.

By 2pm on Saturday June 9th warriors from all over Dundalk on foot and on horseback are asked to assemble at 2pm at Paddy Clarkes Texaco station on the Ardee Road and then march to the iron age encampment in the Sq. at Dundalk arriving at 2.30. Here warriors will pit their skills against one another, re-enactors will create live theatre, Celtic music will fill the air and traders will ply their wares, while Queen Maeve herself checks the stamina and suitability of her warriors for the battles yet to come. It should be a great spectacle. The army moves off at 4.30 down through Seatown and outward towards the Cooley peninsula and the encampment in Bellurgan Park to overnight.

By 10am the next morning they will move off again heading across the mountain to Glenmore arriving there at 2pm. Here they will be met by re-enforcements on foot and horseback for the final push across the Cooley Mountains into Carlingford. This stage takes about an hour and a half.

The army will arrive into Carlingford at 3.30 approx. where a feast awaits them in the square followed by a parody based on the Táin and performed by local actors from Cloud Nine Productions. It promises to be a great 4 days. All detail can be found on www.tainmarch.com or contacting info@carlingfordandmourne.com or phone 0429373646

A 10 year plan is in place to develop it along the original Táin route which extends from Tulsk in Co Roscommon to Carlingford in Co Louth. Each year new communities will be invited to participate; each providing their own interpretation of the Táin and each building a series of events around their module that are in the Celtic tradition.

Support from Failte Ireland and Louth Co. Council with overall sponsorship from the U.S. Company “Prometric” who are based in Finnabair Industrial Estate Dundalk, coupled with participation from new communities along the route this year argue well for its future.