Woman reunited with her saviour

A WOMAN who was left in a phonebox in Dundalk in 1968 has been reunited with the man who found her.

A WOMAN who was left in a phonebox in Dundalk in 1968 has been reunited with the man who found her.

Helen Ward has said that she has been delighted to be reunited with a truck driver who happened upon her in the phone booth on a cold March evening in the late 60s.

Helen had made an appeal for information at the start of this month in a bid to find her birth mother. Yet following her appeal, a truck driver from Cork made contact to say that he was the man who discovery her all those years ago.

A now retired truck driver, Donal Boyle, from Macroom, Co Cork, told of how he had started in Dundalk on his way from Belfast to Dublin.

A bitter cold evening, the roads were frosty, and he decided to call his land lady to inform her that he may be late due to the conditions.

“It was between seven o’clock and nine o’clock at night and I was running late, the roads were so bad. I had to ring the landlady to leave the key out for me.”

Yet upon entering the phonebox he made a truly unexpected discovery.

Speaking in the national media, Donal said: “I parked across from the phone box and when I went in I found a tartan hold-all and then I saw it moving. The zip was open and when I opened it some more I saw the baby inside. I couldn’t believe it.

“There was one bottle beside her, it was still warm.

“She was very well looked after. There were lots of baby clothes on the bottom of the hold-all and she was up on top of the clothes and was very-well wrapped up.”

Donal said that Helen was not distressed or crying, and was “fine and happy”. He also says that he saw a car parked nearby which circled around before driving off, with two people inside.

He thinks that this was more then likely Helen’s birth parents, who stayed around to see that she had been found.

He has recounted his story to Ms Ward, who has taken comfort from the fact that her mother had looked after her well and had cared for her. “She did take care of me and that means a hell of a lot to me,” Ms Ward said.

He told how in later years he tried to find out what happened to the baby but was told by gardai that they couldn’t give him any information as it was “confidential and personal”.

“I tried to make contact for a year or two after but there wasn’t any information coming forward so I abandoned hope.”