Brian lands Viking role

A local man has landed the role of a Viking in a documentary series for The History Channel.

A local man has landed the role of a Viking in a documentary series for The History Channel.

Brian McCann, from Bay Estate, Dundalk, will play the role in the series that will explore the life of the vikings.

The ten episode series is expected to be a hit, with a E30 million budget given to produce the series.

“The set is amazing,” said Brian while speaking to the Dundalk Democrat this week, “A great cast is involved in the series.”

“Vikings” will mark the first scripted series for The History Channel, and follows real-life figures such as Haraldson and Ragnar Lothbrok, who is known as a young descendant of the gods, played by Australian actor Travis Fimmel (Tarzan).

The series will chart Lothbrok’s attempts to become King of the Vikings, as he conspires with Haraldson’s wife, played by ‘Glee’ star Jessalyn Gilsig, to overthrow the Viking leader.

Brian spotted the Viking role while browsing the internet.

“I spotted the advert for it, so I applied,” said Brian, “I was asked to go to the studios in Wicklow and to try of Viking costumes.

“The producers said that I made an excellent Viking and I got the job.”

Brian is also a second-year creative media student in the DKIT.

“It was great to see the actual set of a production and it is all produced.

“I have always been interested in this area and I found that it was helpful.

“It was a challenge to play the role, I don’t have any acting experience in this field, but it was great fun,” said Brian.

At this early stage, some producers are optimistic that a second series will get picked up by The History Channel.

“It is hoped that a second series will be produced, so if the role was right for me and I fit the bill, I would definitely consider taking part.

“Despite all the early starts, I enjoyed my time on set,” said Brian.

‘Vikings’ will air on The History Channel in March in 2013.