Barry is bringing Kettle Bells to Blackrock

FOR local personal trainer Barry Casey the decision to bring Kettle Bell workouts to Blackrock was an easy one.

FOR local personal trainer Barry Casey the decision to bring Kettle Bell workouts to Blackrock was an easy one.

“Since moving here over three years ago I have always wanted to set up a class in Blackrock. I wanted to bring a new fitness class to the local community, nobody else was offering this in the area and I felt that I needed to introduce the benefits of training with kettle bell to the people of Blackrock. I provide all the equipment for the class, so all people have to do is bring a bottle of water, a sweat towel and a good attitude to work hard’.

“Kettle bells are the most versatile piece of equipment you can use. The main reason kettle bells are so effective is that they challenge your whole body, it gives you a full body workout, strengthening every muscle in the body using full body movements.

Every move with the kettle bell works your core while giving a cardio workout without having to run on a treadmill like a hamster. But possibly the main reason is that it is fun and not boring, as long as you enjoy your workout you want to do it’.

“The great thing about kettle bells is that they are suited to any age or fitness level or gender. I would not encourage anyone to try kettle bells without being screened beforehand, to ensure that they are physically fit to do the class. It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is, its more that you do not have any underlying injuries. It is also definitely something you can do at home, but like every piece of fitness equipment you use at home you need to know how to use it properly. In the kettle bell class I hope offer people the knowledge to use a kettle bell at home, but to get the real benefit from any workout you need to be trained properly and motivated to push yourself and that’s what I offer in my classes’.

A qualified personal trainer and neuromuscular physical therapist and years of experience Barry gets great personal satisfaction from his work.

“I have been involved in sport all my life, I have studied sport and exercise science in college for three years since that I have been in management in the fitness industry for 15 years or so. I am and I have special interest in strength and conditioning. I train every day, I have competed in triathlons for the last 8 years and I am a member of Cuchulainn cycling club and I competed in various competitions from marathons to ironman which allows me to offer any of my clients a varied experience and help them prepare for any event or goal that they might have’.

Though Barry has worked in Dundalk for most of my career to date, he took the decision to move to Dublin two years ago to gain more experience in the fitness industry after managing JJB Fitness Club for 5 years.

“I am starting to do personal training in conjunction with Angela Brown Fitness in Dundalk again very soon. I do offer Personal Training currently in Dundalk and also practice neuromuscular physical therapy helping to treat and rehabilitate individuals from injury”.

Another project that Barry is pursuing is the idea of a Blackrock based boot camp, “The boot camp idea was something I have wanted to do for a while and I been working on it for about 6 months or more. The idea came from running a similar class in Dublin where I currently work and I have always thought what while there are a lot of boot camps in the area there are none in Blackrock. It is almost ready to launch and with the help of Rock Celtic FC I will starting it very soon’.

“Blackrock is great location for a boot camp with the beach and fantastic facilities at Rock Celtic FC it will be a different workout every time. It will involve a lot of different elements and equipment, I don’t want to give away too much yet but it will be something completely new. It is suited to everyone but you will definitely have to have some degree of fitness and will be screened before taking on the class but anyone who wants to try it from 18 years up can’.

Barry’s Kettlebell classes are being held in Rock Celtic FC clubrooms, every Tuesday and Thursday night at 6.10pm and 7.00pm. It is a 4 week course offering 2 classes a week at either time that you choose so you get 8 classes in 4 weeks. It costs 60 euro for the 4 weeks but if you want to sign up this week Barry is offering 45 euro for the 3 weeks.