Programme good for Dundalk business

THE Louthlinx Rural Transport Programme has been welcomed by business people.

THE Louthlinx Rural Transport Programme has been welcomed by business people.

The Louth Leader Partnership works closely with local committees to deliver the service and also with business people.

Every Friday morning the busses arrive form the different parts of North and Mid-Louth to the Long Walk Shopping Centre.

The management and the retailers at the centre are as friendly as the shoppers and the bus crews.

There is a real business and social connection here.

The traders give spot prizes each year for Christmas parties and everybody seems to have built up a good connection.

Elaine McGeough, Manager of the Longwalk Shopping Centre, who kindly facilitated us when we went out to meet all the Louthlinx customers at the shopping centre, holds the service and its customers in very high regard.

“Louthlinx has been an important part of the Longwalk Shopping Centre since 2008,” said Elaine.

“This service is a vital one for the rural community and it is of great importance for the social needs of the community.

Tenants and staff at the Longwalk have become fond of the people who come to shop and catch up every week.

The centre offers special discounts and offers for these customers, which they appreciate.

“It’s a great sense of community spirit and we all enjoy the tea parties and music at Christmas, especially put on for the people that use this service.

Owen Gray of Goldstar Jewelers in the Long Walk Shopping Centre said that as well as helping business it is providing a great social service.

“You wouldn’t have this service without the great personnel running it,” said Owen.

“This is what the country needs: a great community spirit. If you neglect the community you are on a downward slide.

“This is what makes people want to work hard and be proud of their work.

“If you go out just to make money it won’t work.

“To get the economy moving we need to put people first. A good community spirit will get people back to work.”

John White of White’s Butchers in the Long Walk shopping Centre has nothing but praise for Louthlinx.

“It’s a great service. People can come in and do their shopping and have a coffee and the people are great fun. It’s wonderful.”

Paula Matthews of Superfresh agrees.

“The service is good for us and the customers,” said Paula. “You get to know people and it’s great.

“People would be lost without it.”