Vandals wreck landscape
furniture on Ardee estates

VANDALS went on a spree in Ardee over the New Year.

VANDALS went on a spree in Ardee over the New Year.

They smashed landscape figures and other items at Campbell’s Park and Old Dawson’s Demesne, two quite residential areas in the centre of the town.

The local residents group was saddened and disgusted by the wanton vandalism.

“Time and money has been spent putting all of this together,” one resident said.

“This is just mindless destruction.”

Ardee takes great pride in its appearance.

The town has won many environmental prizes and local estates figure each year in the Louth Looking awards.

The town won a bronze medal in this year’s National Tidy Towns competition.

Once again the hard work of the Ardee Tidy Towns committee paid off.

Louth now has the finest record in the country for gold silver and bronze in the national Tidy Towns competition.

And last year Ardee Town Council held a civic reception in honour of the Tidy Towns committee.

This was to mark the winning of the bronze medal.

Cllr Mary Kavanagh, chairman Ardee Town Council, expressed a heartfelt thanks to the committee and the people of Ardee for this and all the great work carried out by the committe and everybody associated with it since 1977, including the residents on the housing estates.

Mr Tidy Towns himself, Brendan Matthews, accepted a specially commissioned scroll from Cllr Kavanagh on behalf of the tidy towns committee and praised and thanked everyone.

He thanked Mary Murtagh and all the staff at Louth Local Authority environmental department, all the schools, and the town’s six residents associations.

“At the heart of every successful organisation,” said Brendan, “there is always someone who inspires people.

“We are lucky here in Ardee and indeed throughout the county to have such a person in Mary Murtagh who is the very heartbeat of tidy town activities in the county.

“Also the community workers at FAS and TUS who do so much good work throughout the town and without whom “we would have big problems”.

He thanked Ardee Town Council, Louth Leader Partnership, Ardee Credit Union, and Ardee Traders Association.

He said there is a whole network of people involved in Ardee’s tidy towns activities and to all of them he paid tribute.

“I say thanks for your support and keep up the good work. “We are only two marks off a silver medal.”

The residents of Old Dawson’s Demesne and Campbell Park have been part of the tidy towns down through the years and it is sad that they should have to endure this kind of destruction.