Songstress Gemma
Hayes gigs at Spirit Store

Gemma Hayes is performing at the Spirit Store this Saturday, February 2.

Gemma Hayes is performing at the Spirit Store this Saturday, February 2.

Gemma is currently on an Irish tour and is playing songs from her four album back catalogue with many songs from her most recent fourth studio album ‘Let it Break’,

Combining prog rock, folk and electronica, ‘Let It Break’ is another collaboration with producer David Odlum, and features Paul Noonan of Bell X1 and Ann Scott, among others.

‘Let It Break’ was released in her native Ireland on her own Gemma Hayes Music label in May 2011.

By summer 2012, the people had spoken, ‘the collective voices of fans, approving local critics and worldwide online supporters soon propelling Ireland’s best-kept secret out from the import-only shadows and into the global light, and now “properly” released in the UK this October.

Recorded in both rural France and Dublin with her long-time producer David Odlum, the central theme of Let It Break is, decides Gemma, “letting go of the need to control.” This is the balmy realm of beauty-in-melancholy, a sonic space you can escape to from the din of everyday life, a headlong dive into a comforting cocoon.

“There’s so much chaos and so much noise in the world it kind of keeps us all up in our heads,” notes Gemma. “And I wanted to make music that brought us from our heads back into our stomach, our gut. And silence is important. It’s not empty, it’s completely full, it contains everything.”

Gemma has one of the most powerful yet fragile vocals in a world of foghorn robo-pop giants.

Doors to the gig open at 8pm.

Tickets cost 115 and can be purchased online at