Busy autumn for Ardee band

The autumn is the time for Ardee Concert Band to turn its attention to the new academic year for its budding musicians and prospective new members.

The autumn is the time for Ardee Concert Band to turn its attention to the new academic year for its budding musicians and prospective new members.

The band provide music lessons for the young people, and indeed some not so young, from Ardee and surrounding areas, so last weekend’s annual collection was vital for funding all that the band provide for the local community. Collectors were at all Masses in Ardee and Ballapousta and as usual people were very supportive. All donations were gratefully received.

“The people of the community are always generous and supportive both financially and otherwise,” said band PRO Fiona Reilly.

“This is always a very busy time for the band. Rehearsals resume after the holidays for both the senior and youth bands. All lessons resume and preparations for next year’s assessments and grade exams begin. The band policy sub committee have been meeting over the last few weeks to try and get things up and running.”

The sub committee consists of band chairperson Austin Nevin, secretary Dermot Murray, vice chairperson Jenny McKeever, treasurer Peter McKeever, PRO Fiona Reilly, John Gaynor conductor of the Youth band.

Also band members Kevin Reilly, Niall Doherty, Alan Cox and committee member Tim O Callaghan. The sub committee and indeed all the sub committees make recommendations to the general committee who make final decisions.

“At this time of year,” said Fiona, “thoughts turn to getting our newest recruits started. This begins with a recorder group.

“All schools in the district will receive information leaflets. Parents can be on the lookout for these or check out the band web site for this information as sometimes forms can get left in the bottom of the school bag and be discovered too late.

“The starting age is eight and older. There are already some applicants on a waiting list who looked to join during the year. Our annual enrolment night for new members will be held in the Bohemian Centre on Monday 17 September at 7.30pm. An adult - preferably a parent - should accompany all children.

“This year the band is starting a new venture in the form of a training band. All those learners who have just completed a year on a brass woodwind or percussion instrument will now form our first ever training band.

“This is a very exciting time for us all and very busy especially for the senior members who give freely of their time to fundraise and teach while attending twice weekly rehearsals at the senior band,” said Fiona.

The Ardee Concert Band would like to hear from any musicians who have moved into the Ardee area and who would like to consider joining. They would be most welcome as would any past members who now find time on their hands and would like to rejoin. “The door is always open” said Fiona.

So the message is clear: the future of Ardee Concert Band in the local community is very bright indeed.