Mick Flannery to play Spirit Store gig

Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Mick Flannery will play a gig in the Spirit Store this December 29.

Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Mick Flannery will play a gig in the Spirit Store this December 29.

Following the huge success of his 2012 album “Red To Blue” and the subsequent sold out Irish tour, Mick and his wonderfully understated band, are returning to Ireland following some European shows to finish the year with a handful of select gigs.

His two nights in The Olympia in November are already sold out so don’t delay any further and pick up your tickets for his Spirit Store gig today. Tickets cost 21 euro and can be purchased online at www.spiritstore.ie.

Guest starring on the night will be Karrie O Sullivan from Killarney. Doors open at 8pm.

Mick Flannery was brought up on a farm outside Blarney, Co. Cork, Ireland.

His first real connection to music was watching an unplugged Nirvana coveringBowie’s “The Man Who Sold the World”.

Mick cites the music of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana as a direct influence on his desire to become a musician

After a stint in a music college in Cork, he travelled to the U.S. where he “wandered around for a time.” While there, he entered the U.S. Songwriting Competition in Nashville, Tennessee and, to his surprise, won two top awards for his compositions.

If asked, Mick adamantly refuses to talk about himself. The best you’ll get from him on any given day is, maybe, an admission that he’s a bit “grumpy” and he enjoys a good game of poker.

So, if you’re determined to get up close and personal with Mick Flannery, you’re gonna’ have to kick back and listen to his music because that’s where he actually talks about himself. Mick writes all of his songs (words and music) and plays both piano and guitar.

Micks current band consists of Karen O’Doherty on violin and vocals, Yvonne Daly on vocals, Hugh Dillon on electric guitar, Brian Hassett on bass and Christian Best on drums.

Mick released his third album, titled ‘Red to Blue’ in March of this year and it has already proved to be a huge success receiving great reviews from critics around the country.

It spent three weeks at number one in the Irish Album Charts and singles “Gone Forever” and “No Way To Live” have enjoyed a lot of airplay.

Mick’s album ‘Red to Blue’ is available now on iTunes.