Sharkey tells Fianna Fail to follow Ó Cuiv

Councillor calls for a no vote on treaty

Councillor calls for a no vote on treaty

Louth County Councillor Tomás Sharkey is calling on the grassroot supporters of Fianna Fáil to follow Eamonn Ó Cuív in opposing the Fiscal Compact Treaty in this months referendum.

“This Fiscal Compact offers nothing but hardship to Irish families. 6 austerity budgets have done nothing to solve our crisis. Austerity is deepening the crisis.

“At a time when basic fuel costs for travel and heating are to increase yet again, when rural schools have had appeals for essential resources turned down and our health service faces more cuts, I am calling on everybody to join the No campaign.

“Eamonn Ó Cuív has stepped away from Fianna Fáils official position in this referendum but I believe he represents many Fianna Fáil supporters who I have met. I am appealing to those people to use their votes to prevent austerity being written into our Constitution and to prevent sovereignty being handed to Europe.