“Perceived arrogance” of council executive

Morgan slams executive over keeping elected members in the dark

Morgan slams executive over keeping elected members in the dark

A DUNDALK Town Councillor has launched an offensive on town council executives following an apparent “U-turn” on plans to resurface the town centre, which he believes would have created chaos.

Cllr Ollie Morgan has said he believes that after he peititioned the other eleven members of the council, the council executive decided not to go ahead with a plan to resurface a huge area of roads around the town centre, which would have effectively closed much of the town centre off for three to four days, between last Tuesday 17 and Friday 20.

The executive, however, have said that the plan has been postponed due to inclement weather.

Cllr Morgan has branded the decision “crazy” and said he believes that it just one of number of incidents which indicate a culture of “perceived arrogance” within the council executive.

Cllr Morgan told the Dundalk Democrat that the elected members of the council are increasingly being ignored by the executive and being kept in the dark about major decisions.

“The kids had just gone back to school after the Easter break. The traffic problems this scheme would have called would have been significant.

“This project should be held back till the weather is better and when children are on holiday to cause minimal disturbance.”

Councillor Morgan says that this is just the latest case of the executive failing to hold consultation with members of the council. “You have to look at the mess at Stapleton Place and the new mess that has been made of Chapel Street. The resurfacing of Clanbrassil Street would have caused even more problems for the traders who already had to put up with disruption due to the building of the new square.”

Cllr Morgan took to social media site Facebook, where he lashed out at the executive and elaborated on what he told the Democrat. Referring to the planned closure of much of the roads: “Unfortunately, we have not been consulted about these crazy decisions, much less been permitted by our senior staff to actually make the decisions which affect our constituents.

“This phenomenon of crazy and costly decisions being made and carried out by the senior staff without reference to the Council, is far too common in Dundalk.

“I am convinced that this sealing off of our town centre for almost a week should happen during the school holidays in June/July. From the very limited information available to the Council from the senior staff, I gather that the key reason for not carrying out this special road-surfacing operation at the time the original job was being done was that this special surfacing material must be laid in a higher ambient temperature.

“It would come as no surprise to me at all if this special surface is laid next week in the relatively cold weather and then breaks-up/unravels/fails within a year or two and then we will have to turn around and spend 2 or 3 hundred thousand during warm weather and do it right.

“I intend to ask my colleagues who constitute the Council to support me in telling our senior staff to suspend this highly questionable operation until the school summer holiday and take advantage of the high summer ambient temperature and to do the thing right and only have to pay for it once!”

“I would propose to use the time made available to us by this postponement to consult properly about the street-closures with the people who use the square and who pay for everything and who will be worst affected by the disruption – the people of Dundalk!”