Dunleer plan gets approval

LOUTH County Council has approved the Dunleer Local Area Plan 2010-2016.

LOUTH County Council has approved the Dunleer Local Area Plan 2010-2016.

The plan underwent a public consultation period and amendments and the revivised plan has now been approved.

This environmental town plan a 10 mile corridor free from any development along the banks of the White River in order to protect the habitat, visual and amenity qualities of the White River so that it can contribute to the ecological diversity of the area and be used for recreational use.

The town centre will still be free of retail warehouses, garages and car repair shops, petrol stations, lorries parking, all industry, caravan parks and halting sites.

Planning permission for residential development will be restricted to five years.

The plan states it will be open for discussion as to whether land in the town centre could be used for playing fields, a park or a playground.

Dunleer Community Development Board has been negotiating with Louth County Council officials about the establishment of a playground in the town.

The council has expressed concerned about the proposed location and the fact that no houses are overlooking the site so as to ensure children’s safety, which was outlined in an independent inspector’s report commissioned by the council.

The planners have proposed an alternative site located directly behind the church running along the boundary wall between the vestry and Beechwood Drive Park.

The board members expressed their annoyance that the council was proposing a new location and that the planning process was only now starting.

The people of Dunleer will have to raise 25,000 euro towards the cost of the 100,000 project.