Asbestos dumped near Ardee estate - Toxic material thrown on land next to a major housing area

TONS of asbestos has been illegally dumped in a private yard near a housing estate at Ardee.

TONS of asbestos has been illegally dumped in a private yard near a housing estate at Ardee.

The asbestos was dumped on land owned by Tony Lynch at Townspark Ardee close to the Ferdia Park housing estate.

The dumping took place over Christmas.

"My main concern is health and safety," Mr Lynch said. "There are children nearby at Ferdia Park.

"I don't want to see them near it.

"The perpetrators of this act of wanton vandalism knew that not many people would be around so they took a chance.

"They cut the gate locks and just dumped everything.

"It was an old shed that came down from somewhere and somebody knows where it came from," Mr Lynch said.

The gardai are investigating the incident and Louth County County Council officers have inspected and covered the sight after Ardee Town Councillor Pearse McGeough contacted council officers.

Cllr McGeough has been campaigning vigorously to try and put an end to illegal dumping in the area.

There have been serious cases of dumping in the Townspark, Glack and Coole and Corstown areas over the past year.

Dead animals and huge amounts of domestic rubbish were dumped at Corstown.

The remains of a dog and a dead calf were strewn along the road along with domestic waste including a wheelchair.

The situation was so bad parents were afraid to let their children out.

And the people of Churchtown, just outside Ardee, have already come together to fight the illegal dumping and house burglaries in their area.

The move followed widespread dumping in the region and a number of break-ins, including the Sean McDermotts GAA Club.

The Churchtown and District Community Alert Group was set up with the help of the gardai, Ardee Town Councillor and county councillor Pearse McGeough, and also Munitir na Tire.

The alert scheme covers Churchtown, Cookstown, Charlestown and all surrounding areas.

A major clean-up was organised in the area by Terry Miles and Ignatius Curran. A group of local people tackled the entire area, in particular, the Churchtown Bog Road which was littered with houshold items.

A meeting of the entire community was then held and the Churchtown and District Community Alert Group was set up.

"What we found on the Bog Road was stomach churning," said chairman Terry Miles. "There were rats everywhere and rubbish dumped the whole way to Ardee.

"We decided it was time to try and put a stop to this. We decided to set up the community alert group that would watch out for all illegal and criminal activity."

"We want to irradicate all illegal dumping and make property and homes more secure. We want everybody, especially the elderly feel secure in our community and build on the great community spirit in the area."

The group works closely with the gardai and Louth County Council litter wardens. The group provides a network whereby people can report suspicious movements.

The group has the backing of Louth County Council.

However, county council environmental officials are concerned that illegal dumping is on the increase.

l Members of the Churchtown Community Alert Group with Eugene Birch, Louth County Council litter warden, Supt Ray Brennan, head of Ardee Garda District, Garda Vincent Jackson, Garda Crime Prevention Officer for Louth, and Garda Nial McIntyre, Garda Liason Officer