Property charge deadline looms

Yesterday, Tuesday, the deadline for homeowners to file a property tax return.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the deadline for homeowners to file a property tax return.

Anyone who planned on filling out a paper-based return and posting it to Revenue should have done so by Friday, May 3 as from today, Revenue will not accept a local property tax return made using the paper return form.

People who opt to file online have until May 28 to complete the return electronically and anyone who owns more than one property must apply online.

Tax officials are also offering the option for people to file online over the phone by ringing 1890 200 255.

Homeowners are also reminded that LPT is a self-assessed tax.

This means that you decide the value of your property, fill in your return online or on paper, choose a payment option and send it to Revenue.

“If you knowingly undervalue your property on the local property tax (LPT) return, the penalty is the correct amount of tax, subject to a maximum of €3,000,” a spokesperson for Revenue said.

The valuation of the property made by the property owner, or the Revenue default valuation, will be used as the basis for the property tax liability for the next three years.

“If you own a residential property and have not yet received your return form, you are still liable for the tax and you must file your return,” Revenue added.

“You can file online at by clicking on the “I have not received a Property PIN” tab or over the phone by ringing 1890 200 255.

“You will need your property details and details of your bank account or other source from which you want the payment deducted.”

Revenue also warned that anyone who received an LPT return but is not the owner of the property needs to contact Revenue with the name, address and PPSN of the liable person.

“If you don’t, we will still think you are liable, and will pursue you for the LPT in respect of the property.”

The LPT Helpline (1890 200 255) will be operating under extended hours today and are open from 8am-8pm.

Already some 332,500 returns have been submitted at a value of more than 21 million euros, 204,891 of these electronically and 127,609 were returns received by post.