Floral Club reaches forty

THE Ardee Floral Art Club has just celebrated its 40th birthday.

THE Ardee Floral Art Club has just celebrated its 40th birthday.

Since 1971 this club has combined social and skillful activities with fundraising for many local charities.

They have also taken part in many festivals and each year the members produce marvellous displays at St Mary’s Church Ardee during the now well established and highly popular Trufman Festival of Ardee which is held every August bank holiday weekend.

They have shwon us just how wonderful the art of flower arranging really is and in doing so established a great social club.

Anna Keenan and Anna Manning are two long serving members of the club.

“Anybody can decide to take up the art of flower arranging,” said Anna Manning. “It’s a skill that can be developed over time.

“Flower arranging is the art of arranging flowers in a pleasing manner. Beautiful arrangements can be made just using foliage without using any flowers at all.

“A large variety of flowers are not needed in order to produce an arrangement.

“Flower arranging is great fun. We work in teams and it is interesting listening to other people’s ideas.

The Ardee Flower Club began by holding their meetings in the kitchen of the old Ardee technical school over 40 years ago,” said Anna Keenan chairperson of Ardee Floral Art Club.

“After a number of years the club moved to the bungalow on the Convent of Mercy grounds and began classes in flower arranging.

“We later moved to the Ardee Day Care Centre and we now meet there the first Thursday of every month at 8pm.

Over the years the Ardee Flower Club has grown rapidly and added new members.

The club is very active. There are flower demonstrations, and evenings when they meet and exchange ideas.

“Garden visits prove to be very popular during the summer months with all our members,” said Anna Manning.

“Club members have been very successful in competitions at national and international level.

“Many of our members members who are now qualified to teach, judge and demonstrate.”

Church flowers and church festivals have been a big part of the Ardee Floral Art Club over the years.

The club has raised funds for many charities.

“We have attended festivals in great houses all around the country,” said Anna Keenan, “and have been a member of the Association of Irish Floral Artists for many years. In 2014 the association will host the World Association of Floral Artists in Dublin.

“We would like to encourage anybody who is interested in flower arranging to come along to the Day Care Centre on the first Thursday of every month.

“Classes have now finished for the summer and will resume the first Thursday in September.

“You don’t need expensive flowers to make an arrangement and although a lot of the flowers are imported the quality is quite good.

“A lot of the cuts that are needed for flower arranging can be sourced locally from some gardens,” said Anna.

For more information contact Anna Keenan on 087 - 4125091 or just come on the night.