Adams opens new Park Street office

SINN Féin president Gerry Adams officially opened his new campaign office at 94A Park Street in Dundalk on Friday morning.

SINN Féin president Gerry Adams officially opened his new campaign office at 94A Park Street in Dundalk on Friday morning.

The office, located next to Hairlucinations adjacent to the Imperial Hotel, will be the party leader's base as he bids to secure a seat in the Louth/East Meath constituency in the upcoming General Election.

The party's existing constituency office in Williamson's Place will remain open for the party's town and county councillors.

The opening of the new campaign office came less than 24 hours after Mr Adams had resigned his Westminster seat for West Belfast.

He said his decision to do so was a sign of his "intent and seriousness" in representing the people of County Louth.

Joining him for the opening was sitting Sinn Fin TD Arthur Morgan, who he is hoping to replace, and a number of the party's town and county councillors including Pearse McGeough, Paddy McQuillan, Edel Corrigan, Jennifer Green and Kevin Meenan.

Mr Adams has been campaigning throughout the constituency in recent weeks and months and says the reaction to his arrival has been very positive.

"We've just finished a series of nine meetings throughout the constituency and the people who showed up at them were not all party people. The people of Donegal South West in the by-election had a chance to vote for Fine Gael and Labour but they voted for us and I hope that happens here too.

"It's a broad rule of thumb that the people who would be hostile toward you will just ignore you but overall it has been very positive," he said.

Mr Adams admitted that he did not have the same local support and popularity of his predecessor Arthur Morgan but insisted that he would give his all for the constituency if elected.

"It's a big advantage to have his political skills and the fact he is ingrained in the community. I remember in his first election when he was campaigning everyone knew him from his fishing background but the difference between then and now is that we have a team.

"When he was here first we didn't have a team but now we do and people have a sense about us that we will work for them on local issues as well as national issues.

"I know my own strengths and weaknesses but I will give this my all," he said.

As well as his campaign office in Park Street, Mr Adams also intends to open a similar office in Drogheda in the coming weeks.

l Sinn Fin president and General Election hopeful Gerry Adams and Louth TD Arthur Morgan open the party's new office at 94A Park Street