Paypal recruitment plans outlined by Vice-President of Global Operations Louise Phelan

Fifty per cent of all workers will be locally sourced with 230 jobs to be active by the end of this year

Fifty per cent of all workers will be locally sourced with 230 jobs to be active by the end of this year

What’s more Ms Phelan expects 50 per cent of jobs at the site will ultimately go to English speakers, while many foreign language jobs will also go to non-nationals living in Dundalk.

“Things are going great,” said Ms Phelan when asked about progress at the Paypal site. “We have at least 400 people employed out there today (in construction), about 300 of which are local people.

“If you look at the all the plant hire we are using, it is all local. So we are making sure to use of much of the local people and local industry to support us. My door is open from the 1st July and I’m depending on Dundalk to make that happen.

“It’s in the hands of the Dundalk people.”

She also said that work has commenced on the site and that a planning application has been lodged.

“I’m sure there will be no planning problems with that application as I’m sure that Dundalk are very happy for me to bring a 1,000 people jobs and I don’t need challenges, I need opportunities. I’m looking forward to Dundalk supporting me and all those challenges are removed out of the way, and I don’t need to hear about them.”

Paypal have received 2,500 applications, everyone of which has received a telephone call in response.

“Some people have heard from us twice. Initially it will be customers services, back office, risk operations and support functions to support those teams.”

Recruitment is expected to roll through to 2014 when all 1,000 places are expected to be filled.

“50 per cent of what I need are languages and 50 per cent is English speaking. We have had a great result with Russians in Dundalk, which is fantastic. Most of my Russian business will be up here in Dundalk, who are all local people.”

Ms Phelan said that she believed that Russia would be the next UK and that Dundalk was going to play a big part in servicing this new market.

“Ultimately looking down the line I expect 50 per cent of workers will be English speaking, while 50 per cent will non-national language speakers, similiar to our site in Blanchardstown.

“I have to base my business on business growth, not on the amentities around me.”