Dramatic rescue of cyclist who plunged into river

A DRAMATIC river rescue took place on Thursday evening after a cyclist careening into the Castketown River.

At approximately 3.45pm a cyclist ploughed into the river on the southern bank of the river just south of the Castletown Bridge and soon got into trouble in the cold and muddy waters along the riverside.

The alarm was raised when a passing taxi man spotted the man going into the river and went to his assistance.

He was followed moments later by Chairman of Dundalk Sub Aqua Club, Paddy Agnew, who was also luckily passing by.

The man who was in his forties, had become intangled in his bike and both men trawled in after him to drag him to safety.

By this stage the Fire Service had been called and they helped to the man to safety.

Alan Brogan of the Sub Aqua Club, who assisted in the rescue, was on the scene. “The fire crew loaded him onto a stretcher, and then the stretcher took him to the waiting ambulance, where he was treated.

“Luckily he wasn’t in the water too long and as far as I know he was not suffering from hypothermia. The ambulance treated the man for about a quarter of an hour before he was taken away to hospital.

“It was at a relatively low tide so he was caught in the mud and silt, and tangled in the bike, so he did not get swept into the river.”

The Democrat understand that the man is now receving medical attention but did not suffer any serious injuries in the crash.