Turf war breaks out in Fianna Fáil

A WAR war is brewing in the Fianna Fail camp as both their candidates vie for votes.

A WAR war is brewing in the Fianna Fail camp as both their candidates vie for votes.

Cllr Declan Breathnach’s supporters had expected to have a clear run in mid-Louth now that Seamus Kirk as Ceann Comhairle is not electioneering.

This has always been Kirk’s territory and Breathnach, who like Kirk comes from Knockbridge, expected this area to be his for the taking but not so.

It seems that party headquarters have favoured the south Louth man James Carroll and divided the county 60/40.

Sixty per cent in favour of Carroll and forty per cent in favour of Breathnach.

And while Breathnach’s supporters were out early around Dundalk putting up posters, the Carroll camp was busy in Castlebellingham putting their man on the polls so that he might top the poll.

The problem is that Castlebellingham-Kilsaran has already been handed over to Breathnach while Ardee, Stabannon and Annagassan have been given over to Carroll.

But it seems the Carroll camp are like the Vikings who, having come this far, were not going to stop at the Lynns.

Maybe in a thousand years time there will be another great archaeology dig in mid-Louth and bones and helmets and swords will be found and some expert will realise a general election was being fought.

Meanwhile, Senator Carroll has urged Meath County Council to contact every house in east Meath to tell them that their constituency has moved to Louth.

Well, Meath people are pretty dumb so somebody has to tell them.

“I have been knocking doors and meeting people over the past few days in east Meath,” said senator Carroll, “and I have been surprised by the amount of voters who have not realised that their vote has moved to the Louth constituency.

“I am very concerned by this and it appears to be causing considerable confusion.”

Not as much confusion as the battle for Midway. Sorry mid-Louth.