Brennan elected to An Seanad

LOUTH county councillor Terry Brennan has been elected to An Seanad.

LOUTH county councillor Terry Brennan has been elected to An Seanad.

The popular Carlingford man has been a member of Louth County Council since 1985 and has been very active in promoting local industry and tourism.

“I believe the quickest way to create jobs in this recession,” he said, “is through tourism and Louth can capture this market.

“This is something I will be working for as a senator,” he said.

“I believe the Louth Economic Forum’s new tourism and heritage plan can finally put the county on the tourism map.

“The tourism drive will focus on the Cooley-Mournes, the Gullion region, and the Boyne Valley, and use these pivotal points to link up all that Louth has to offer the visitor.

“The group is headed by Mr Ray Carroll who has wide experience in the tourism trade.

“He has has created a team that will co-ordinate all the different strands of tourism and heritage in the county.

“Dundalk Institute of Technology will start analysing the whole tourism sector and developing a foundation on which the plan can progress.

“The more analysis they get, the more they can plan.

“The tourism group also intend to get feedback from community groups.

“We want to create a more cohesive approach to tourism in Louth. I always believed that Carlingford was a major tourism centre in this region and now we have a chance to expand on that,” Senator Brennan said.

Although the country has lost 30 per cent of its visitors since the recession began, tourism in Ireland still generated 4.6 billion last year and employs 180,000 people.

Ninety per cent of our visitors come from Britain, Germany, USA, and France. But this is a global recession and so we have lost business from all of these countries at once.

“I fully agree with the idea this action plan has pulled al the pieces together and for the first time in the county’s history we can really make full use of Louth’s tourism potential,” Senator Brennan said.

“We have a vast market on your doorstep and this is something I will be working for and fully supporting.

Senator Brennan is also supporting the latest cross-border local authority link.

A recent memorandum signed by Louth local authorities and Newry-Mourne District Council commits both organisations to the development of joint policies in areas of mutal interest.

It will strengthen existing links and expand a number of themes including: emergency planning; renewable energy and tourism.