Questions and Answers about our new look website

Here are the questions our online readers have asked about the new website and our answers.

Here are the questions our online readers have asked about the new website and our answers.

Q, Why can’t I comment on the new site?

A, You can - but you have to register even if you were registered on the old site. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Q, I’m having trouble registering and I love my username so don’t want to use a different account.

A, A tiny percentage of people - just four in fact - have had teething problems with registering. First things first, check your junk mail in case it has made its way in there. And here’s what to do if you don’t receive the initial registration email: Click on the “Login” section at the top of the homepage and request “forgotten password”, this will send you a reminder email so you can then follow the instructions to activate your account.

Q, Why has my comment appeared twice? I only pressed the button once!

A, This is a known problem and is currently being investigated. We’ll get it sorted asap and let you know.

Q, I’m still getting used to the website which seems pretty good up to now but just feel the homepage lack picture headlines.

A, We are looking at a number of ways of improving the site in the coming months so we’ll take this suggestion on board. In the meantime our digital team will include as many photos with stories as we can.

We have listened - and are still listening - to your suggestions so we can keep improving.

And you know we want to know what you think - good or bad

Q, Where are the videos on the new website?

A, As of Thursday, February 17, videos were not yet attached to our website, but by the end of the month, all videos from the old site, along with new videos should be uploaded and accessed through our Video section on the home page.

Q, Will Sports Flash be back?

A, Yes, the Sports Flash team will be back for the new season. As soon as we get the video section up and running, the Sports Flash team will be back on air.

If you have queries about the new website, no matter how big or small, email our digital team and we’ll get back to you asap.

We will keep adding to this user guide with your questions and our answers - so just by asking you’ll be helping out everyone else.

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