Alison takes
over as chair
at Dundalk GS

The new Chairperson  of Dundalk Grammar School Board of Governors Ms. Alison May Bothwell (2nd from right) B.Sc., M.B.A., A.C.M.A. is welcomed by outgoing Chairman Dr. Laurence Swan (Left), Iris O'Sullivan (recently retired from the board) and Robert Smyth, Company Secretary.
The new chairperson of Dundalk Grammar School is Ms. Alison May Bothwell B.Sc., M.B.A., A.C.M.A. This follows the retirement of Dr Laurence Swan.

The new chairperson of Dundalk Grammar School is Ms. Alison May Bothwell B.Sc., M.B.A., A.C.M.A. This follows the retirement of Dr Laurence Swan.

Mr Robert Smyth, company secretary and member of the boards of governors and management, is deputy chairperson. This follows the retiremenbt of Mrs Iris O’Sullivan.

Alison Bothwell is a  past pupil. She is a accountant and works in finance and business administration.

“I have thought long and hard about the tasks associated with the specific job of chairperson of this most excellent school,” Alison said, “and very much look forward to carrying on the wonderful work that has been going on over the last few decades. 

“I shall in particular be working closely with the governors, the headmaster, the board of management and all staff in the years to come to ensure the trajectory of Dundalk Grammar School continues ever upwards.”

Laurence Swan said that after 16 years as chairperson, and the completion of the recent large-scale campus development work, he felt that the time was exceedingly appropriate for someone considerably younger to take the reins to drive and lead the school consolidating on its important and premier position in education in Ireland. 

He will remain on the boards of governors and management.

“In Alison we have someone who is immensely experienced in finance, local to the area, a parent and, as a past pupil, well aware of all the issues that surround and beset any enterprise, but in particular this school.

“Her experience will greatly help guide us all forward so that this school may continue to lead in education through its superb staff and facilities, and thereby be an asset to our country turning out citizens of the highest caliber.

“Robert Smyth’s increased responsibility as deputy chairperson of the board of governors is to be greatly welcomed as he is hugely experienced in school administration and technical matters from experience gained at both Dundalk Grammar School and elsewhere, and has been a wonderful help in all aspects of building the school to the premier position it now holds.

“Robert was an early recipient of the Chairperson’s Award, the school’s highest honour, several years ago, for his persistent, diligent and informed contribution to the running of this school.

He will prove the perfect backup and sounding board for Alison.”

Dr Swan presented Iris O’Sullivan with an engraved crystal-glass bowl on behalf of the board of governers.

The school, he said, owed her a huge thank you, and they all hoped to see her regularly on campus at the school’s many events in the future.