Motorists beware flooding say group


Motorists beware flooding say group

The public are advised to be vigilant when travelling on roads as there may be local flooding or debris on the roads where flood waters have subsided.

That's according to the The National Coordination Group again met in the (NECC) National Emergency Coordination Centre.

Travelling at reduced speeds in the affected areas is also advised. People travelling to work and school this week are advised to check local authority websites for information on roads affected by flooding, and on diversions or alternative routes.

The NCG is comprised of representatives from all the main government departments and all the key state agencies this includes, inter alia, OPW, ESB, HSE, Civil Defence, Coast Guard, Defence Forces, An Garda Síochána & Met Eireann.

The Group heard updates, the outlook for the weather and the levels in the river systems, as well as the effects in communities around the country.

The rainfall has brought effects, including flooding to roads, properties, homes and farmland, over a more widespread area than in recent weeks.

Over two hundred properties, including homes, have been affected in this escalation of flooding, while a similar number of properties are at risk from flooding and experiencing access difficulties.