Colm calls from Vietnam

Dear Sports Editor,

Dear Sports Editor,

As a reader of the Democrat since I was a kid in Ardee in the 1960s, I am pleased that I can read it online in far-off Vietnam.

Was just reading Joe Carroll’s piece on Louth and its connection to the Ireland rugby team and found it very interesting. Tell Joe that Ollie Campbell’s great-uncle Doddles - I think my father, Johnny, referred to him as that - was a famous Gaelic footballer. It is said that he could kick the ball over Campbells Hotel (Ollies family hotel on The Square in Ardee), run through the building and catch the ball on the other side. If that is true, then we know where Ollie got his talent for kicking from!

Ollie’s cousin, Micheal Campbell, distinguished himself as an Ardee minor, Louth minor and St Mary’s senior and junior player from 1976 to the early ‘80s. Tragically, Michael died in New York a few years ago.

Joe may remember me as the little boy, who opened the dressing rooms in Adree St Mary’s field when he played in goals with Louth in the early 1970s. He was always very kind to me and wrote some complimentary things about me when I played football and hurling for Ardee and Louth.

Please give him my regards.

Colm Ross, Ha Noi, Vietnam