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International boxer one of three men part of dispute at Dundalk traveller halting site


Court Reporter


Court Reporter

International boxer one of three men part of dispute at Dundalk traveller halting site

Dundalk courthouse

Three men including an international boxer who were charged with violent disorder arising out of a dispute at a traveller halt site which initially involved 22 people, were sentenced last week at Dundalk district court.

Three other men were also charged in connection with the same incident.

The original hearing last December, heard the prosecution related to a dispute between two families at Woodland Park, Dundalk on September 30th 2018.

While 22 people were involved, the six defendants were identified as the main instigators.

Shortly before 2pm, both groups were goading each other while armed with weapons.

Now Christy McDonagh Senior (56) of Bay 8 Woodland Park had a slash hook, his sons – now 26 year old John Joe McDonagh of 16 Woodland Park had a knife and Christopher McDonagh Junior (34) of 5 Woodland Park had a homemade implement with a sharpened end on it.

The other three co-accused had a knife, a slash hook and a shovel.

The weapons weren't used but they were waved about.

John Joe McDonagh - who the court heard is a boxer who's represented Ireland abroad, was the only defendant with no previous convictions. The case had been put back for community service assessments.

Last Wednesday, Judge McKiernan sentenced Christopher McDonagh Junior to 240 hours in lieu of a five month sentence, and ordered John Joe McDonagh to perform 175 hours in lieu of a four month sentence.

Christy McDonagh Senior, who the court had previously heard would not be suitable for community service for medical reasons, was given a five month suspended sentence.